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  • Latex Rubber Gloves 162572

Latex Rubber Gloves 162572

  • Product Code: 162572
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   Wholesale  Latex Rubber Gloves


           Size: Small Medium Large

It is made of 100% pure rubber. It has the advantages of lightness, softness and comfort.

It is soft, tough and elastic. It is easy to wear and easy to use. Feel comfortable and durable,

non-slip design of the palm. A light natural rubber flavor, but no other odor.
        Household daily washing bowls, plates, utensils, clothes, hands free from contamination

so that your hands get care, use a variety of detergents, nor hand injury, hot water is not hot,

safe and sound, is good for all of us helper. Widely used in hotels, homes, scrub floors, toilets,

bathrooms, cars, construction, chemicals, printing, fishing, aquatic products processing, food

processing, and water operations occasions.

Minimum Order: 6 dozen ( $6.00/dozen )

                6 X $6.00=$36.00

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